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Multiple Teams · Paul Bohan Gym closed for renovation this summer

PBG Floor

Paul Bohan Gym is currently under renovation.   This wasn’t a planned renovation but a necessary renovation.  We noticed floor buckling prior to our annual floor maintenance of buffing and waxing.  Upon professional inspection and the assistance with the District’s Insurance Company, it is necessary to replace the entire floor due to water damage.  The floor bleachers were also inspected and deemed a safety hazard.  We have removed the courtside bleachers.

 Beginning fall 2017 we will no longer offer floor seating for our fans, only athletic staff, press, teams and officials will be allowed floor access.  This decision was incredibly hard because we know our Hornet fans have enjoyed floor seating for many years.  The PBG offers a handicap lift for our Hornet fans who will need assistance to our current bleachers. 

 Paul Bohan Gym has always had a Home and Visitor side.  This year, our Hornet/Lady Hornet teams will be positioned with our Home side!  We look forward to our 2017-2018 sports season and are eager to see our fans fill the bleachers.   Huntsville Athletics wants to thank you for your support!  Sting ‘em!