Athletic Dept Info

Mailing: 441 FM 2821 Huntsville, Texas 77320
Physical: 515 FM 2821 Huntsville, Texas 77320
Main 936.435.6100  or Athletic Dept. 936.435.6136
Team Mascot:          Hornet
Team Colors:           Forest Green & White
Enrollment:              1,720
District:                    16-5A; Region 2 Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Spring Tennis, Softball, Track & Field
District:                    10-5A; Region 3  Football
District:                    11-5A: Region 3  Wrestling
District:                    16-5A; Region 4  Swim
Rodney Southern, Athletic Director
Cody Hassell, Assistant Athletic Director/Girls Coordinator
Dr. Scott Sheppard, Superintendent of Schools
Marcus Forney, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Bill Roberts, Assistant Superintendent of Administration
Paul Trevino, HHS Principal
Charlotte “Shelly” Schwebach, Dean of Student Learning
Jacqueline Dawson, AP
Sharonda Johnson, AP
Scott Humes, AP
Roger McNeel, AP
Lisa Black, AP

2019-2020  Bi-District Champs, Area Champs – Football, Boys Basketball

2019-2020 Undefeated District Champs – Boys Basketball

2019-2020 District Champs:  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball

Bi-District Playoff:  Football, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball

Bi-District Champs: Football, Boys Basketball

Area Champs:  Football, Boys Basketball

Regional Qualifiers: Football, Boys Basketball, Boys Wrestling, Girls Wrestling, Powerlifting; Swim

Regional Finalist: Boys Wrestling, Girls Wrestling


2018 – 2019 District Champs:  Football, Girls Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball

Bi-District Playoff:  Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball
Bi-District Champs:  Football
Area Finalists:
Area Champs: Football
Semi-Final Champs:  Football
Qtr. Final Champs:
Regional Qualifiers:  Boys Cross Country, Boys Wrestling, Girls Wrestling
Regional Finalist: Boys Cross Country
Regional Champs:  
State Qualifiers:  Boys Cross Country
2017-2018 District Champs – Football, Boys Basketball
BiDistrict Playoff:  Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer
BiDistrict Champs:  Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer
Area Finalists:  Boys Basketball, Boys Track, Girls Track
Area Champs: Boys Soccer, Boys Track
Qtr. Final Champs: Boys Soccer
Regional Qualifiers:  Boys Soccer, Girls Individual Golf, Boys & Girls Swim
Regional Finalist: Girls Track
Regional Champs:  Powerlifting, Girls & Boys Track
State Qualifiers:  Girls Individual Golf, Boys Individual Track, Girls Wrestling, Boys Wrestling, Boys Cross Country, Boys & Girls Powerlifting
2016-2017 District Champs – Girls Golf, Boys Individual Golf
Bi District Playoffs – Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer
Regional Champs: Boys Powerlifting
Regional Qualifiers:  Girls Golf, Swim Individual, Boys Track, Girls Track
Regional Finalists:  Girls Golf, Swim Boys Individual, Cross Country – Boys Individual, Girls Track
Area Finalist:  Boys Basketball, Boys Track, Girls Track
State Qualifiers:  Girls Golf, Swim Boys Individual, Boys Track Individuals, Boys & Girls Powerlifting, Boys Cross Country-Individuals
State Champ:  Boys Powerlifting Individuals, Girls and Boys Wrestling Individuals
2015-2016 District Champs – Lady Hornet Golf, Hornet Golf, Hornet Basketball, Hornet/Lady Hornet Wrestling, Lady Hornet Track
BI-District Play-offs – Lady Hornet Basketball, Hornet Basketball, Lady Hornet Softball, Hornet Soccer
Regional Qualifiers:  Cross Country, Power Lifting, Lady Hornet/Hornet Track
Regional Champs: Lady Hornet Wrestling, Girls Individual Track
Regional Finalist:  Lady Hornet Golf
Area Finalist: Hornet Basketball
State Finals – Hornet Cross Country, Hornet/Lady Hornet Wrestling, Powerlifting, Boys Track Individuals, Girls Track Individuals, Lady Hornet Golf
State Championships – Lady Hornet Wrestling,  Powerlifting, Hornet Track Individual – Fabian McCall 110 M

2014-2015 District Champs – Volleyball, Boys Golf, Girls & Boys Wrestling, Boys Track
Regional Champs – Boys Golf, Girls Wrestling
Playoffs – Football, Girls CC, Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer
State Finals- Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys Powerlifting, Boys Track Individual, Boys & Girls Golf
State Championship – Girls Wrestling 2nd place, Boys Golf – Individual State Champion, Chandler Phillips

2013 – 2014 District Champs- Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys Soccer, and Girls Track
Regional Champs – Girls Wrestling;
Play-offs – Girls CC, Volleyball, Boys & Girls swimming,
Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Power Lifting, Boys & Girls Golf, Boys Tennis,
Boys & Girls Track;
State Finals – Boys & Girls Wrestling, Girls Cross Country, Boys Swimming, Boys & Girls Powerlifting,
Boys & Girls Golf, Boys Track;
State Champions – Girls Golf and Boys Track Individual Pole Vault