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  Place Points
Huntsville High School 2nd 32

The boys power-lifting team traveled to Waller and got 2nd overall as a team. The following individuals placed :

165’s Jaden Schroeder got first placed totaling 1150 lbs.
165’s Cody McLaren got 2nd place totaling 1070 lbs
198’s Miles Tatum got 4th place totaling 1170 lbs
198’s Jordan Brown got 5th totaling 1165 lbs
220’s Quaterian Riles got 5th totaling 1145 lbs
275’s Dillon Brooks got 2nd totaling 1500
275’s Eliaser Tamayo got 6th totaling 1235
SHW Jesse Hoke got 8th totaling 1150
SHW Atyias Casteel got 3rd totaling 1345
SHW Brandon Bobino got 1st totaling 1540