Coed Coed Powerlifting Powerlifting · Waller Girls power lifting meet

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Huntsville High School 0th 11

The girls powerlifting team went down to Waller and competed on Wednesday of this week. The results are as follows:

Wiam Sehlaoui placed 2nd in the 114’s. She squatted 155, benched 110 and dead-lifted 205

Jasmine Esturba placed 4th in the 105’s. She squatted 165, benched 50 and dead-lifted 160

Riley Harrell placed 10th in the 123’s. She squatted 140, benched 85 and dead-lifted 185.

Riley Molnes placed 11th in 123’s She squatted 150, benched 90 and dead-lifted 160.