Scholarship Differences

Division 1 (now known as FBS):

  • Total of 85 scholarships allowed per college at any one time
  • Can only offer a maximum of 25 in any one year (that means only 2,925 Division 1 scholarships available for the entire country)
  • There are no partial scholarships in FBS football
  • Only allowed 20 walk-on / preferred walk-on

Division 1 AA (now known as FCS):

  • Only allowed 63 total scholarships per college at any one time
  • They can divide those 63 scholarships among no more than 85 players
  • Can accept Division 1 transfers who would be eligible to play immediately

Division 2:

  • Only allowed 36 total scholarships but…
  • D2 schools can “break up” their scholarships
  • Most players will be on partial scholarship
  • Will get some transfers

Division 3:

  • Provide no Athletic Scholarships or special opportunities for student-athletes
  • Grant and Aid packages determined through academics, testing, and need.

Junior Colleges:

  • Junior colleges fall into a category similar to that of Division 2 schools, in that they are able to “break up” scholarships as they see fit.